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The energy challenges of the future are taken into account in all our projects, both through the implementation of systems for the production of renewable energy and the energy optimisation of industrial processes.

In terms of renewable energy, we are involved in:

  • Integration and dimensioning of systems facilitating renewable energy production as part of civil engineering works (photovoltaic, hydraulic turbines, wind, etc.);
  • Geothermy
  • Valorization of biomass or sludge
  • Biomethanisation
  • Technical controls conducted during construction and commissioning
  • Implementation of systems for the production of renewable energy in remote areas (e.g. for the supply of drinking water in desert areas)

We also carry out energy audits and audits of energy efficiency processes for the treatment of water and pumping stations, and for energy optimisation and treatment technologies with low energy consumption / low carbon emissions.

For real estate development projects (residential, commercial and industrial) , we integrate the constraints of PEnergy Performance of Buildings , and certifications for passive buildings. As such, standards and technical specifications are defined and implemented in our projects.

We guarantee project owners respect of the legal constraints on energy.

ALMADIUS also assists you through the various phases of geothermal energy projects:

  • Fluid drilling and geothermal use of groundwater
  • Modeling of geothermal probes (single sensor and probe fields)
  • Simulation of zones which influence geothermal probes underground (influence of temperature)
For more informations, please contact : 
Jean-Marc Lambert
+32 472/72.53.44

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