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ALMADIUS is active in the design, sizing and management of civil engineering and infrastructure works. This includes :

  • SWaste water treatment plants and collection networks
  • Pumping stations, Vortex type works
  • Drinking water networks (collection, storage, supply and distribution)
  • Supporting walls and slope stabilisation, protection against erosion
  • Shielding of excavations (dimensioning of Berlin piles, sheet piling, secant pile walls, continuous screenings through panels,  ladders, etc.)
  • Quay walls
  • General infrastructures;
  • Overground and aboveground piping
  • Laying piping by digging and directional drilling
  • Management of rain water structures, tanks, dikes and dams
  • Automation of dams, and rehabilitation of existing dams
  • Infiltration of storm water
  • Roads and facilities

In general, ALMADIUS is involved throughout the project cycle, which involves identification and formulation, master plans, audits of existing infrastructures, succinct and detailed preliminary plans, records of tenders, direction and supervision of works and final reception of works.

In these areas, our studies and engineering activities cover audits of existing civil engineering works, technical assistance to contractors, stability studies, stability expertise, energy, sustainability, etc.

This experience has been gained over many years by ALMADIUS’s staff both in Europe and overseas. This is so in terms of studies and engineering but it also applies to contractors’ side, thus giving ALMADIUS both experiences which is essential for properly understanding projects, in anticipation of any problems and their resolution.

Our recent references in civil engineering include:

  • Construction management of urban waste water sewage (over 50 km of collector)
  • Dimensioning of drinking water treatment plants in the South - Eastern China
  • Structural engineering and optimization study of underground storm basins in Brussels
  • Dam stability study for municipal landfill in Algeria and Belgium
For more informations, please contact : 
Alain Questiaux
+32 476/84.38.02

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