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Planted filters FILTRAN® - Extensive treatment of wastewater

Extensive processes

Extensive domestic or industrial wastewater treatment processes are simple to operate and involve little or no energy consumption. In particular, planted filters are an artificial variant of natural wetlands. Particularly attractive for their excellent landscape integration, these processes are characterized by low operating costs.

The FILTRAN® process

Developed by Cebedeau (, the FILTRAN® process is a compact plant filter for the treatment of organic matter and optimized for the treatment of nitrogen via nitrification and denitrification. The process combines in one step the advantages of unsaturated and horizontal saturated vertical filters.

Advantages of the FILTRAN® process:

A weaker footprint on the ground than conventional processes of this type, ie 1.5 m² / EH instead of 2.0 m² / EH in carbon treatment / nitrification or up to 7 m² / EH in nitrification-denitrification

One stage of treatment on planted filter (against two usually)

No recirculation of water.

Another advantage for this type of filter is the absence of a septic tank / decantation upstream (domestic wastewater).

The technology is distinct from other extensive processes by increased control of total nitrogen treatment and compactness of rare features on the market.


As part of the process development, three domestic wastewater treatment units were installed in Belgium (capacity 3 x 10 EH). In this context, the process has demonstrated effective removal of organic matter, suspended matter and especially total nitrogen.


Cebedeau and Almadius signed a collaboration agreement to jointly market the FILTRAN® process, with the aim of pooling the expertise of both teams.

The FILTRAN® process was developed for small communities or tertiary activities. Applications on wastewater discharges during rainy weather are also considered.

In addition, it is particularly suitable for the treatment of effluents from certain industries, having the particularity of having room (extensive treatment) and having to treat total nitrogen (among others: agro-food industries), that in the North as in the South.


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