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Water and sanitation are major challenges for our societies today. ALMADIUS’s core activities have included - since its foundation - the management and treatment of water in Belgium and abroad.  To date we have provided numerous solutions to accessing drinking water in Africa, treating wastewater in Asia, modelling water resources and managing storm waters in Europe, etc.

We offer all our services (project management, engineering and operation assistance) in the following areas:

  • Management and production of drinking water (drilling, water reservoirs, pumping, storage, supply, distribution and treatment)
  • Process water production
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling
  • Hydraulic calculation, modelling of pressurised networks, gravity-fed networks, streams and rivers
  • Management and treatment of runoff water and storm water (collection, storage and processing)
  • Integrated water cycle management and flood prevention; In the context of urban, commercial and industrial facilities, we develop approaches for collection, drainage, infiltration and storm water storage which have low impact and are sustainable while fostering landscape integration
  • Storm and wastewater sanitation (draining, pumping, collectors and water treatment plants)
  • Management and treatment of waste water and industrial effluents (all industries)
  • Treatment of leachate from municipal landfills
  • Treating drainage water from mining facilities (acid mine drainage) and contaminated groundwater
  • Management and treatment of sludge, grease and other by-products

All the technologies are evaluated: biological or physicochemical, membrane-based, ion exchange, oxidation, intensive or extensive, etc. When required, we call on the modelling of networks or processes.

In addition to the various phases of a construction project or installation extension project (from feasibility study to implementation), ALMADIUS specialises in the following areas:

  • Audits, diagnostics and assistance in operating treatment facilities
  • Selection and dimensioning of processes (including management of pilot tests)
  • Drafting of plans and electromechanical specifications
  • Energy optimisation and treatment technologies with low energy consumption and low carbon emissions
  • Advanced treatment processes and recycling/reuse of water
  • Recovery of waste water and by-products (energy recovery and recovery of organic and inorganic components)

These approaches can be applied to a new facility or to the integrated optimization of costs and an existing facility’s performance.

For more informations, please contact : 

Olivier Bastin

+32 478/32.94.94


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