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The structure of the soil and subsoil and the quality of groundwater have important implications for property and industrial development, infrastructures and construction projects, and in case of ground water resources use.

Our team of engineers and experts will assist you in soil  contamination studies and groundwater studies (characterization studies, risk assessment); in contaminants hydrogeology: modelling of underground seepage and contaminant transport, simulation of remediation technologies; remediation feasibility studies (ex situ and in situ) and implementation/supervision of rehabilitation plans; and in the assessment of  human and migration risks, analysis of soil vapors, simulation of geochemical balances in aquifers.

We also carry out geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological studies:

  • Supervision of investigation work (drilling, piezometers and equipment plans)
  • Monitoring, pumping tests, tracing tests and determination of pumping flows
  • Hydrogeological modelling: management and protection of groundwater bodies and local and regional hydrogeology
  • Geology and mining hydrogeology: dimensioning and dewatering management, locating residues and collection ponds, and hydrogeological impact studies
  • Monitoring and interpretation of geotechnical studies
  • Impact assessment for quarries, hydraulic works and engineered structures

We also intervene in drawdown studies: dimensioning of structures, pumping, drains, shields; impact assessment: radius of drawdown influence, settlement calculation, geotechnical risk assessment, loss of stability of excavations, etc.

We advise land owners (public, private) and investors in the frame of the acquisition of potentially contaminated sites; for a residential, commercial or industrial development :

  • Estimated remediation costs (CAPEX , OPEX)
  • Integration of legal and administrative impacts in project planning
  • Drafting of work planning

For more informations, please contact 
Stéphane Muguet
+32 473/92.93.58

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