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ALMADIUS aims to be always ahead of the new technologies in the environmental field, civil engineering and building.

That's why ALMADIUS today offers drone techniques that allow the realization of various services that were previously laborious and expensive.

These various services comprise :

  • Topography by photogrammetry (linear and / or large scale works);
  • Determination of volumetry (quarries, landfill sites, dams, dikes, etc.);
  • As-built surveying of three-dimensional elements, with regards to their outer parts;
  • Three-dimensional surveys of industrial installations, tanks, piping ... outside and inside
  • Façade audit and major works such as dams that are difficult to access, location of defects, cracks, seepages, etc.

These services are already available within ALMADIUS and remain conditioned by a verification of their feasibility in relation to the customer so as to ensure the accuracy and quality expected.

These activities are available throughout the world, always involving local staff who can learn these new technologies, finalize plans, set up geodetic landmarks in international or local coordinates. Finished products can be provided as ortho photos, point clouds, digital terrain models (DTMs) and always in three-dimensional mode.

Without stopping there, ALMADIUS is now seeking to develop innovative applications particularly in the field of water, solid waste management, urban development …with, as a main objective, a practical and economical answer to the problems encountered by its customers in the various fields of its engineering activities.

Sans s'arrêter là, ALMADIUS recherche aujourd'hui à développer des applications innovantes notamment dans le domaine de l'eau, de la gestion des déchets solides, du développement urbain… avec, toujours comme objectif principal, une réponse pratique et économique aux problèmes rencontrés par ses clients dans les divers domaines qu'elle aborde dans ses activités d'ingénierie.

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