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European PharmaFun research project

Almadius AT was, between 2013 and 2015, a partner of the European project PharmaFun, financed in Belgium by Wallonia (SPW DGO6) as part of the EuroTransBio program. The project was realized in collaboration with UMons.

The general objective was the development of a new tertiary treatment at the end of the wastewater treatment plant, in order to eliminate PCSPs (pharmaceuticals and personal hygiene products), a category of micropollutants.

Extensive process for the treatment of micropollutants

As part of the PharmaFun project, Almadius AT has developed an extensive process for the treatment of organic micro-pollutants by mycofiltration (growth of a fungus strain on an organic substrate, all as a filter). The process was tested on a pilot scale on the effluent from the Namur station.

The targeted market is the tertiary treatment of small-scale domestic wastewater treatment plants, possibly in conjunction with a vegetated rejection zone.

Other applications of mycofiltration

The mycofiltration of water allows the treatment of runoff water, surface water (streams, etc.) and effluents. In addition to organic micropollutants, heavy metals, other organic substances (hydrocarbons, etc.) and pathogenic bacteria are treated. Its advantage lies in the low cost of installation and maintenance.

Other research is underway on this theme.


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