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ALMADIUS assists the project owners throughout the implementation of their project, from preliminary studies through to reception of works and the industrial commissioning of facilities.

These benefits are provided for any project related to our areas of expertise: water and sanitation, buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering, soil and subsoil, subdivisions, etc.

We can also respond in support (expertise and ad hoc technical assistance during the project), or to ensure comprehensive project management:

In the study phase and the preliminary planning phase:

  • Audits of equipment and existing structures;

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Assistance to architects in the integration of concepts concerning air tightness, water tightness, sustainability, energy, etc. Assistance with energy calculations (energy performance of buildings: EPB).
  • Summary and detailed preliminary planning studies for the construction of new infrastructure or the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure (technical equipment, civil engineering works, foundations, roads, underground networks, etc.).
  • Sizing of structures, selection of soil/groundwater decontamination techniques (including risk assessment).
  • Realisation of management and development plans.
  • Assistance in the choice of equipment, techniques and sizing depending on the urban amenities and timeframe chosen.
  • Detailed preliminary planning studies, preparation of detailed surveys.

In the tender phase:

  • Completion of call for tender documents.

  • Optimisation of technical solutions and cost reduction.

  • Determination of execution schedules.

Awarding of contracts :

  • Assistance in contract procurement (counting of offers, assessment report, etc.).

  • Drafting of contractual and technical documents for contract procurement (letter of contract, etc.).

  • Coordination of project with various public utility companies.
  • Coordination of various stakeholders such as architects, developers, government, etc.
  • Disclosure of information to bidders and establishments of any corrective notices.

In the construction phase:

  • Management and supervision of work. Verification of compliance with contractual clauses for technical and administrative aspects.

  • Establishment of a general and detailed schedule.

  • Holding of site meetings.
  • Technical monitoring of the execution of work. Technical audits and inspections, follow-up of trials on site and in laboratories.
  • Budgetary controls.
  • Establishment of any amendments. Legal-technical assistance.
  • Coordination with local governments.

Reception and commissioning.

  • Monitoring of performance testing.

  • Management of industrial commissioning of equipment.

  • Establishment and verification of final statement of account.
  • Establishment of provisional and definitive reception, lifting of deposits, management of works during warranty periods.
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