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Our Mission

ALMADIUS provides expertise and innovative and reliable solutions in engineering, environment and project management.

Our team is diverse and integrated, our engineers’ expertise real and our range of services broad. This provides deep technical and environmental added value to the society, our clients and our partners with solutions that are cross-functional, tailor-made, sustainable and optimized.

We focus on our clients’ needs and assist them throughout their projects’ life cycles with enthusiasm, integrity, excellence and pragmatism.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a front runner in engineering, environment and project management from our historical bases in Belgium and France, while continuing our development abroad (Africa, Asia, South America) and the development of partnerships with strategic stakeholders.

Among other things, ALMADIUS offers the solutions, products and services of tomorrow through research and internal development programs.

Our team of engineers, scientists and experts is stable and ambitious.  It is constantly offering innovative solutions which foster excellence, in its clients’ interests.

Our Values

In achieving our missions, our leitmotifs are:

  • Innovation: we are constantly looking for innovation in our solutions, thanks especially to the cross-sectoral nature of our team and the diversity of our skills, and through internal research programs
  • Excellence/added value: committed to excellence in our services and advice, we want to be a leader in our industry for our clients, our partners and the society
  • Proximity: ALMADIUS is a human scale company which listens to its customers, employees and partners. We are highly flexible and adapt swiftly to local and project conditions
  • Ethics: ethics is an essential value when we conduct our missions: we honor our commitments, follow codes of ethics and respect and encourage diversity
  • Development: we foster the development and stability of our teams by listening carefully, encouraging teamwork, providing training programs and supporting initiative taking
  • Availability: Our teams are available and responsive to our clients’ demands

Commitment to Quality and Durability

We aim to constantly improve the quality of our services, meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and implement durable solutions by:

  • Aligning out teams’ skills with project needs
  • Developing our engineers’ skills
  • Implementing internal controls and guarantees of quality
  • Ensuring compliance with safety procedures