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ALMADIUS assists its clients in the operation of treatment facilities through, among other things:

  • Preliminary audits to identify and determine avenues for improvement;
  • Potentially followed by laboratory or pilot tests;
  • Action plans and implementation monitoring;
  • Assessment of consumables and their use;
  • Implementation of tools for monitoring and reporting operations;
  • Training of operating staff and drafting of operating manual;
  • Regular monitoring of operating data and recommendations;

Emphasis may be placed on purely process monitoring or monitoring of equipment and their maintenance. This service can be done remotely via the internet, with regular visits or systematically on site. It applies to commissioning or facilities which function routinely. 

Integration with operating teams is done according to the client’s wishes: limited role or temporary take-over of the role of operations manager. These approaches can be applied as part of the integrated optimisation of costs and a facility’s performance.

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