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In terms of international projects and development cooperation, ALMADIUS staff have acquired extensive experience in fields as diverse as:

  • Access to drinking water;
  • Sanitation of wastewater and solid waste management;
  • Site surveys for onshore and offshore gas facilities;
  • Geology and deep foundations;
  • Geophysical recognition sites;
  • Mining exploration;

As part of these projects, ALMADIUS staff have already been active on five continents: Europe (France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, UK, Sweden, etc.), Africa (Senegal, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, Djibouti, Mali, Kenya and South Africa), North America (United States and the Bahamas) and South America (Bolivia and Argentina), Oceania (New Zealand) as well as in Asia (Vietnam and China).

All the studies we have completed and, more generally, all the projects we have participated in internationally, have taken into account local project conditions, be they technical, climatic or socioeconomic. Based on the project area, this is how we assess the financial and technical means not only for the implementation of the project but also for the operation and maintenance of equipment until its end.

We are also used to providing diverse training in our areas of activity, from teaching how to lay pipelines, operating water distribution networks, organising the collection and treatment of solid waste, constructing landfill sites including teaching welding and controling membranes, quality management, etc.

We also carry out technical assistance for international projects:

  • Identifying projects, establishing a logical framework for project management;
  • Completing formulation files;
  • Conducting evaluations mid-term and final evaluation of projects;
  • Ad hoc technical assistance missions (coaching) during the implementation of projects;
  • Various training in the areas of expertise;.
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